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The Reasons Behind ProSolarTec

EarthAs the world-wide demand for energy increases exponentially, there is undo burden placed on traditional sources of energy, such as non-renewable fossil-based fuels. The price of crude oil has almost tripled in the past year or so. The spiralling cost adversely effects the bottom-line of many small and medium scale energy-intensive industries such as foundries and the like. Therefore, alternate sources of energy, for example, solar power, have become increasingly attractive in recent times. There is also an environmental benefit to adopting cleaner energy sources as reduction of burning of fossil fuels help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar energy technology has come a long way since the ancient Greek civilization learned the art of concentrating the Sun's rays. Over the years, solar energy research has helped to improve the efficiency of existing solar technologies and systems, hence improving their economical viability. However, dearth of information, materials, complexity, and manufacturing skills remain an impediment to large scale production and utilization of this abundantly available energy source.

EarthWhen one does research into the existing solar technologies, one would find that there are a number of patents and systems out there that are of a similar nature. Solar concentrators that concentrate the Sun's rays to a point focus producing high temperatures, that could be used for a number of applications. One would also very quickly see that these systems are usually very complex and often require very expensive means of fabrication.

There is accordingly a need for an improved solar concentrating system that overcomes the limitations associated with complex construction which requires a high degree of skills. Moreover, there is a need for an improved solar concentrating system wherein the prohibitive costs associated with manufacturing and deployment of traditional solar concentrating systems are minimized thereby making it attractive for use by small and medium scale energy-intensive industries. ProSolarTec aims to do just that.

ProSolarTec has the answer. Providing an improved solar concentrating system, the Solar+, ProSolarTec has been able to do more for less in our own backyard.

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As the ProSolarTec continues to improve its solar concentrating technology, the technologies used to measure and record data must also follow suit. Prometheus field tests currently use data acquisition software coupled with high-grade thermocouples to accurately measure temperatures of up to 8 different locations simultaneously. The testing has recently surpassed the upper limit of K-type thermocouples and in order to record these higher temperatures the Prometheus Team is now using platinum based R-type thermocouples. As the accuracy of the tests improves, more detailed fine-tuning can be executed on the prototypes, further increasing the success of the project's experiments.

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