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Success In Metal Melting

Success In Metal Melting

Since their first solar melt in June 2006 the LIFE R&D team has designed, built and tested 6 separate working prototypes. Temperatures of over 1120 Celsius have been measured and a variety of metals have been melted and poured. The largest furnace unit to date is rated at 23 KW. Computer modelling conducted at Dalhousie University, Department of Mechanical Engineering has verified the process and indicate much higher temperatures are attainable as the apparatus is improved. Accordingly, the two-stage concentrator offers a much greater power intensity than conventional "flat plate" solar technologies, so that method may represent one of the most efficient solar collectors in the world.

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Dalhousie Collaboration

Various collaborative projects have been conducted between the LIFE Prometheus team and Dalhousie University. Heat of fusion and ray tracing research, conducted by faculty and students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, have been used to both measure the current power of Prometheus prototypes, and project the potential of prototypes in the future. The consensus of these research projects: Not only is this technology already incredibly powerful, but there is potential for even more growth.

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