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Harnessing the Sun's energy is very easy with ProSolarTec's Kinley Dual Mirror System and Prometheus Engineers are finding just as easy methods of converting that energy into different forms. By placing different types of collectors in the focus the Team has proven the that the Prometheus technology can be used for many applications. One of those applications is steam generation.

By focusing the incredible heat production of the Prometheus technology on custom built heat exchangers, the Prometheus Team has succeeded in converting a constant flow of water into steam and continues to experiment with steam generation methods.

Heat Exchangers

The Team has experimented with a number of different heat exchangers finding ways to improve the method of producing steam. Solid block, and wound coil exchangers have been utilized  and the Prometheus Team has developed a number of different methods for manufacturing these heat exchangers out of a number of different materials.

One issue that has been plaguing steam experiments is the fact that the collector can become too hot. This has happened a few times which has caused a meltdown of the heat exchanger. It was proven that the easiest solution was to ensure a steady water flow and to increase the flow rate as the temperature rises.

Steam Engine

Running Steam EngineOn the 2nd of August 2009 a model steam engine was connected to the steam system on the Beta Gamma Prototype of the Kinley Dual Mirror System. Not long after the mirrors were turned towards the Sun the steam engine began to run at very high RPM. Although no power rating was determined in this experiment it shows that the Prometheus technology is very capable of converting Sunlight to mechanical energy.

More experiments are planed to prove the efficiency and power rating of the different size prototypes.

Future Experiments

As the Prometheus team continues to make improvements to the different prototypes, they anticipate considerable increases in steam production capabilities. More experiments are planed to find different methods of generation steam other mechanical devices such as a steam turbine are planed to be tested.

Future Applications

  • Steam engines and Steam turbines
  • Energy storage
  • Electricity generation
  • Cogeneration
  • Sterilization


Prometheus News

Beta Gamma Runs Steam Engine - 2 August 2009

The Beta Gamma Prototype of the Kinley Dual Mirror System was successful in producing steam that ran a small Steam Engine on the 2nd of August 2009. The Prometheus Team had set out to test a new receiver that was developed to produce steam at greater efficiency. It wasn't long after the Sun's rays hit the receiver that steam came rushing out the discharge. Connecting the steam line to a model steam engine the Team showed how easy mechanical energy could be created using the Prometheus Technology.

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