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The Prometheus Project is an ongoing Research and Development program that has spawned powerfully innovative solar technology. Prometheus is a two-stage solar concentrator that uses the Sun's energy to produce high temperatures sufficient to melt metal! The patented technology is the intellectual property of Lunenburg Foundry & Engineering Limited and the inventor, Peter J. Kinley. Even with this relatively northerly location, in Lunenburg Nova Scotia Canada, various prototypes of this novel technology are producing remarkable results.


Prometheus is a device that concentrates the Sun's energy. Much like a magnifying glass, the Sun's light is concentrated at a point focus. The difference is that Prometheus does this more efficiently creating extremely high temperatures near the focus. These high temperatures have potential for many different applications: melting metals in a casting facility, creating steam to turn turbines to generate power, heating your home, or even cooking food!

Beta Gamma Runs Steam Engine - 2 August 2009

The Beta Gamma Prototype of the Kinley Dual Mirror System was successful in producing steam that ran a small Steam Engine on the 2nd of August 2009. The Prometheus Team had set out to test a new receiver that was developed to produce steam at greater efficiency. It wasn't long after the Sun's rays hit the receiver that steam came rushing out the discharge. Connecting the steam line to a model steam engine the Team showed how easy mechanical energy could be created using the Prometheus Technology.

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First Iron Melt

LIFE Prometheus team members were successful in accomplishing their first iron melt using Prometheus solar technology on the 10th of July 2009.  What started as a routine bronze melting procedure using the Beta-Gamma prototype yielded groundbreaking results.  Unbeknownst to team members, while melting the bronze samples, the iron melting ladle became so hot that a portion of the ladle melted away.  This unexpected landmark accomplishment offers further proof of the power of Prometheus technology.

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