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The Concentrated Solar Power industry is expected to grow rapidly. Due to high temperatures, and efficiency, the Kinley dual Mirror system is poised to capture significant market share.

Licensing opportunities are available.

Background - There are three widely recognized types of industrial scale solar energy collectors – photovoltaic, flat plate thermal collectors, and concentrated solar power (CSP) collectors.Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), in particular, is poised for double-digit growth. – "The CSP sector is expected to demand as much as US$80 billion of investment over the next decade."  There are now "close to 130 projects underdevelopment in Spain and over 50 projects in the US pipeline."

All of these projects now employ one of two types of technology – either parabolic troughs or solar towers. What Prometheus Solar Technologies has done is to invent, develop, and patent a totally new third type of Concentrated Solar Power technology.

Advantages - This simple, yet totally new Kinley Dual Mirror System focuses sunlight most efficiently for significant advantages over parabolic troughs and solar towers. Other CSP systems do not match its overall efficiency. It takes significantly less area, and certainly generates much higher temperatures than solar troughs. It is also portable and can be more easily scaled for other industrial applications. Its simple construction and operating requirements will substantially reduce costs over competing trough or tower technology.

Achievement - As a result of research into reducing metal melting costs and eliminating the company’s carbon footprint, engineers at Lunenburg Foundry have recently developed this two-stage CSP technology that allows the company to melt metal with solar power alone. Temperatures of over 2000 degrees Celsius have been achieved, and a variety of metals, (Lead, Zinc, Aluminum, Bronze & Iron) have been melted and poured. The Foundry’s R&D team has produced the first sand castings in North America using solar power alone.

Since their first solar melt in June 2006 the LIFE R&D team has designed, built and tested 6 separate working prototypes. Solar concentration ratios approaching 4500 times have been measured. A steel specimen has even been “vaporized,” indicating that even higher temperatures, to produce steel and glass, may be achievable in time.

teamworkBasic and Applied Research - Computer modeling conducted at Dalhousie University, Faculty of Engineering has verified the process. Project teams at University of New Brunswick have explored mechanics and structures. Testing of the system has now commenced at the Alberta Research Council. The emphasis has recently turned to commercialization of clean energy applications, from domestic hot water heaters to industrial power plants.

Licensing Opportunity - The company now seeks partners and investors to help commercialize this unique CSP technology. The project team plans to engage those major corporations already investing in this field to license this invention already patented in major countries around the world. It is intended to use these revenues to refine the LIFE technology to be applied to potential applications in renewable energy, materials and chemical development, superheated steam production, water purification, waste reduction, space heating and food processing industries.

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