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ProSolarTec Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ProSolarTec Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have developed a list of Frequently Asked Questions that typically come up when talking with clients and partners. Feel free to browse or skip to one that interests you.

Don't see the answer to your question? If you have any questions about what you see on this website, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing any questions that you may have.

Does wind affect the operation of the unit?

"Solar+" models all can operate in windy conditions. In the event of very high winds our automatic control systems put the unit into a "safe" park mode.

Does the "Solar+" operate in cloudy conditions?

Solar+ concentrates direct solar light, and operates most efficiently in clear skies. Clouds, haze, and other conditions that obstruct the Sun's rays will effect the efficiency of Solar+ models. The less solar light there is the less effective the system is.

The automatic tracking of some Solar+ models is designed to operate in all conditions. If there is not enough light for the system to be effective the system will automatically shut-down and go into a stand-by or sleep mode.

What powers the Solar+ models?

For the unit to properly operate it is required to track the Sun's position through the sky and thus needs a control system. This properly positions the mirrors to collect the Sun's rays. The Solar+ is available with both manual and automatic control systems.

Manual control, which generally is only available in the smaller Solar+ models, is mostly operated by hand. Winding winches and manually positioning the mirrors will require an operator to stay vigilant throughout the models operation.

In larger units automatic operation is required. Most systems are designed to use direct current (DC) electrical systems and are self contained. The control systems recharge themselves using a photovoltaic panel that is connected to a battery. This allows the system to run "off the grid" with an energy source that is solely powered by the Sun.

What is "Solar+"?

"Solar+" is the name given to the main product of ProSolarTec. The Solar+ has been designed to use the technology of the KDM System and harnesses the power of the Sun for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

The "Solar" comes from the fact that the collector collects solar light. The "+" represents the two stage concentration system, each bar representing one of the two mirrors. It is also interesting to note that near the focus point the light tends to form a plus sign.

The "Solar+" line currently is available in three models. The "1200", "4700" and "18000". The model numbers refer to their thermal power ouput strength in watts.

The Solar+ is available for sale and can be ordered from ProSolarTec. To request a quote click here.

Where does the term "KDM System" come from?

"KDM System" is short for "Kinley Dual Mirror System." The KDM System is a patented two-stage solar concentrating technology. The system is named after the inventor Peter Kinley·and the fact that it uses two mirrors to concentrate solar light. The KDM System technology is available to license through Prometheus Solar Technologies Inc.

The technology is also available for purchase in a number of sizes in the Solar+ product line available through ProSolarTec.

Persons or parties interested in the technology can contact ProSolarTec here.

The "Kinley Duel Mirror System" is protected by North American and International patents, all rights are reserved. For information on licensing please contact us.

What is does the name "Prometheus" mean?

"Prometheus" was originally chosen as a code name for the concentrated solar energy research project spawned by the success of the Kinley Dual Mirror System. Patent attorneys advised to keep the developing technology under wraps until the appropriate applications were filed. After successfully achieving North American and International patents the name stuck and has continued to be used in the companies name.

In Greek Mythology, Prometheus was the Titan credited with stealing the sacred fire from the Gods in the heavens and giving it to the mortals on the earth. As the Kinley Dual Mirror System captures and focuses the Sun's rays creating high temperatures, and thus fire, Prometheus was a fitting code name for the project.

If you are interested in reading more about the Greek Titan Prometheus click here to proceed to the Wikipedia page.

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