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Astonishing Power

Astonishing Power

Lunenburg Foundry & Engineering Ltd’s active scientific research program has recently developed a solar furnace system that allows the company to melt metal with solar power alone. The company has succeeded in melting the first solar castings in North America. "The power of the system is in its simplicity." The simple method is rooted in an even simpler construction. This novel method allows for cost efficient construction of solar concentrating systems of any scale and can be retrofitted to many current industrial processes. The benefits are that practically any energy intensive process can be driven by this concentrating system - without producing greenhouse gases. The technology is under development and is aggressively protected by patent lawyers on a worldwide basis.

Prometheus News

ARC Experimental Research

Prometheus Solar Technologies has signed a collaborative deal with Alberta Innovates Futures (formerly Alberta Research Council). The Beta-Gamma prototype was transported to Edmonton, Alberta in March 2010, where AIF will verify ProSolarTec's scientific results. This will act as a demonstration spot for potential western investors. The Prometheus Team is very excited to have a prototype up and running in a largely sunny climate, and look forward to the scientific credibility such collaboration brings.

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