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Aluminum Melting

Aluminum Melting

Using Prometheus Beta-Gamma we have achieved our first aluminum melting.  The melting of a solid aluminum block occured during the dead of winter, which makes this achievement all the more impressive. We are very excited to be able to produce and harness the 660 °C required to melt aluminum using nothing but the sun's energy.

Further design modifications should bring us ever closer to our goal of melting Bronze Alloys in a safe, clean and affordable manner.

Prometheus News

Beta Gamma Runs Steam Engine - 2 August 2009

The Beta Gamma Prototype of the Kinley Dual Mirror System was successful in producing steam that ran a small Steam Engine on the 2nd of August 2009. The Prometheus Team had set out to test a new receiver that was developed to produce steam at greater efficiency. It wasn't long after the Sun's rays hit the receiver that steam came rushing out the discharge. Connecting the steam line to a model steam engine the Team showed how easy mechanical energy could be created using the Prometheus Technology.

To read more on Steam Generation click here.

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