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Aluminum Melting

Using Prometheus Beta-Gamma we have achieved our first aluminum melting.  The melting of a solid aluminum block occured during the dead of winter, which makes this achievement all the more impressive. We are very excited to be able to produce and harness the 660 °C required to melt aluminum using nothing but the sun's energy.

Further design modifications should bring us ever closer to our goal of melting Bronze Alloys in a safe, clean and affordable manner.


Achieved bronze Temperatures

In 15 April 2006 Prometheus achieved its long term objective to melt bronze using solar power alone. Two specimens of Silicon bronze were successfully melted confirming the temperature achieved in the pot exceeded 802ºC. Experiments on the following day melted specimens of Manganese bronze and Red brass and the high temperature of 1120ºC was digitally recorded.

The achievement is significant in that it proves that the Prometheus team has high enough temperatures to melt Gold (1063ºC) and Silver (961ºC), completing the set of medals commonly produced for athletic competition.


Success In Metal Melting

Since their first solar melt in June 2006 the LIFE R&D team has designed, built and tested 6 separate working prototypes. Temperatures of over 1120 Celsius have been measured and a variety of metals have been melted and poured. The largest furnace unit to date is rated at 23 KW. Computer modelling conducted at Dalhousie University, Department of Mechanical Engineering has verified the process and indicate much higher temperatures are attainable as the apparatus is improved. Accordingly, the two-stage concentrator offers a much greater power intensity than conventional "flat plate" solar technologies, so that method may represent one of the most efficient solar collectors in the world.


The First Zinc Castings

Using Prometheus Beta II we have been able to melt Zinc and pour our first solar Zinc castings using nothing but the Sun's energy. There have been many hurdles along the way, but we have met and overcome them during construction and testing.


Astonishing Power

Lunenburg Foundry & Engineering Ltd’s active scientific research program has recently developed a solar furnace system that allows the company to melt metal with solar power alone. The company has succeeded in melting the first solar castings in North America. "The power of the system is in its simplicity." The simple method is rooted in an even simpler construction. This novel method allows for cost efficient construction of solar concentrating systems of any scale and can be retrofitted to many current industrial processes. The benefits are that practically any energy intensive process can be driven by this concentrating system - without producing greenhouse gases. The technology is under development and is aggressively protected by patent lawyers on a worldwide basis.

Prometheus News

Gamma II Vaporizes Steel

The LIFE Prometheus team inadvertently vaporized steel using the Gamma II prototype on the 10th of February 2010.  The test, which had initially been intended to be the first steel pour using Prometheus solar technology, quickly became the first vaporization of steel when the steel sample was left in the light focus for a couple extra minutes.  In the time between determining that the sample was ready to pour and preparing an appropriate sand bed for pouring, the steel completely vaporized.  All that was left when the contents of the crucible were dumped out was some slag, the steel had vaporized into thin air.

To read more on metal melting and the temperatures achieved click here.

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