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Achieved bronze Temperatures

Achieved bronze Temperatures

In 15 April 2006 Prometheus achieved its long term objective to melt bronze using solar power alone. Two specimens of Silicon bronze were successfully melted confirming the temperature achieved in the pot exceeded 802ºC. Experiments on the following day melted specimens of Manganese bronze and Red brass and the high temperature of 1120ºC was digitally recorded.

The achievement is significant in that it proves that the Prometheus team has high enough temperatures to melt Gold (1063ºC) and Silver (961ºC), completing the set of medals commonly produced for athletic competition.

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As the ProSolarTec continues to improve its solar concentrating technology, the technologies used to measure and record data must also follow suit. Prometheus field tests currently use data acquisition software coupled with high-grade thermocouples to accurately measure temperatures of up to 8 different locations simultaneously. The testing has recently surpassed the upper limit of K-type thermocouples and in order to record these higher temperatures the Prometheus Team is now using platinum based R-type thermocouples. As the accuracy of the tests improves, more detailed fine-tuning can be executed on the prototypes, further increasing the success of the project's experiments.

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